Le Nomade, Port of Antibes

Shot from a Canon: October 31, 2018

In Image, Nice Area, Photo of the Week by bpnaughton

Public artwork called Le Nomade (The Nomad), by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa. Located at the port of Antibes, this 16-foot tall sculpture is impressive by day but is best viewed at night when it is lit from beneath. Composed entirely of letters welded together, the work has an opening at the front that allows visitors to literally insert themselves into Plensa’s creation. When asked to describe the sentiment of the work, Plensa said:

I always imagined that our skin is permanently tattooed with text – our life, our experiences – tattooed, but with invisible ink. And then suddenly, somebody is able to decipher these tattoos; that person becoming a lover, a friend. That is probably why I work with sculptures like this, this human form composed solely of letters, like cells. It’s almost biological.

You can find another of Plensa’s works in Nice’s Place Massena. Conversation à Nice is a collection of seven pillars, each of which has a seated figure on top. Like Le Nomade, it incorporates oversized seated figures that are lit at night. For a video of the work, refer to our post entitled Allons-y! Your walking tour of public art in Nice.