Who I am

Hi! I’m Brian, a frequent solo traveler who got the travel bug while spending a semester abroad in London during college. I’ve taught English in Japan and Spain, gotten a graduate degree in Australia, and worked in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. I currently live in Nice, on the French Riviera. Monaco and the Italian border are a short distance away, so adventure is literally right outside my front door. As it is for everyone, if you think about it.

Where I’ve been

My solo travels began with a five-month trek around Australia, beginning with the laid-back charm of Perth and Fremantle and ending with the vibrant bustle of Sydney. During the time I traveled Down Under, I can honestly say I never had a truly bad day.  Years later, while catching up with old friends on a return trip to Brisbane, I decided to quit my desk job and get out and see more of the world. The result was an 8 1/2 month trek through Central and South America, from the crowded surf breaks of Costa Rica to the frozen isolation of Tierra del Fuego.

Why I write

I’ve created this blog as a way to introduce people to the city of Nice, the most beautiful, warm, welcoming, and entertaining place I’ve ever lived. As I learn more about it, I intend to share that information here.

Travel safe and travel smart!